We met Rafael Munaro, aka Rafa, through one of the GITH board members, Anthony Mussare. Anthony and Rafa met while working together on the Dew Tour and other events. One evening, they were talking about Rafa’s garage in Brazil where he was rebuilding antique VW busses. The conversation led to the idea of building out a VW Kombi Bus for GITH.

Upon his return to Brazil, Rafa started to build the bus, while GITH started putting all the details for the raffle together. Once the VW Bus was almost fully completed, it was shipped from Brazil to South Williamsport, PA, where Rafa flew in to put on the finishing. Everything on this VW bus is new or rebuilt original. It turned out mint!

Now, we are raffling the bus with limited tickets. The money raised by this raffle will fund the GITH Scholarship Fund to help offset the cost of higher education for children that have lost a mother, stepmother, or guardian to breast cancer or have one battling or surviving breast cancer. Please help comfort and support these children and purchase your raffle ticket today!

We are so grateful for all that Rafa has contributed to the GITH Scholarship Fund and our overall cause. This has been an amazing project for our entire team! We wish you good luck and appreciate your support!

VW Kombi Specs

Feature Type
Value $50,000
Vehicle 1975 Volkswagen Kombi
Body Type Commercial, 2 Door
Transmission Manual 4 speed
Engine 1.6L flat-four
Drive Type Rear
Interior White vinyl upholstery
Wheels Painted 15” steel wheels with chrome VW branded hubcaps
Fuel Type Unleaded
Mileage New engine in 2023
VIN BH366766

Additional Features

  • Sliding front windows
  • Sliding fabric sunroof
  • 23 total windows with 8 safari windows
  • Pop-out windshields
  • White painted bumpers
  • Chrome vent trim
  • Dual side mirrors
  • Fire extinguisher


Thank you for participating in our raffle event. As you consider entering the raffle, we want to provide you with some important information about the event.

Firstly, please note that the winner of the raffle will be responsible for all applicable taxes associated with the prize, including income tax and any other taxes that may be imposed by federal, state, or local law. If chosen, the winner will also be responsible for any fees associated with the transfer of ownership of the vehicle, such as registration fees and title fees.

Secondly, we want to inform you that while we take every precaution to ensure the safety and security of the vehicle, accidents or damages may occur prior to the giveaway. If the vehicle is damaged, destroyed, or stolen prior to the giveaway, the cash prize of $50,000 will be paid in lieu of the vehicle.

We appreciate your participation in the Girlz in the Hoodie raffle and wish you the best of luck in winning a prize.



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